Sustainable Tourism


Established in 1959, the Tigaiga has managed to maintain high quality service standards and modern, well kept installations resulting in overall guest satisfaction. The environmental aspects have always played a vital part in our business strategy.

Since 1995, we have developed and implemented Quality and Environmental Managements Systems that now subscribe to the directives of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO14001:2015 and the European Regulation 1221/2009 EMAS, thereby proving our commitment through an audited process. 

Our hotel is located in the beautiful North of Tenerife. We want to help to keep our island clean and beautiful as much as we can. Our green practices help protect the environment by encouraging sustainability in a variety of ways.

Some Environmentally-Friendly Features

    • Using solar energy, energy efficient lighting and having our corridor lights on timers.
    • Our purchased electricity is generated from renewable energy sources.
    • We have an energy usage monitoring system, energy efficient boilers, all serviced and maintained on regular bases.
    • When replacing electrical equipment “A” rated appliances a preferably purchased.
    •  Saving water by having low flow toilets and showerheads.
    • A towel and linen reuse/recycle program is in place.
    • We are transitioning to chemical free cleaning products were possible.
    • Our housekeeping team uses easy to dose cleaning products.
    • Using a filtration system which reduces the lime scale content from the municipal water.
    • When possible, applying irrigation systematically to save water in our gardens.
    •  As much as possible our food is sourced from local producers thereby reducing food kilometers (distance that food travels from farm to fork).
    • Food waste is collected for composting and used oil is recycled.
    • Growing some of our own herbs and using locally sourced ingredients in our dining outlets whenever possible.
    • We do not use harmful chemicals in our gardens.
    •  Having a recycling program in place which includes the recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, glass, bottles, used light bulbs, batteries.
    • Garden waste is composted and then reused in our gardens.
    • Our hotel rooms are non-smoking to help keep our air clean for everyone to enjoy. 
    • Use of an environmental audit system (ISO 140001 and EMAS) to monitor and control our environmental impact.
    •  Encouraging digital sending of guest information and hotel brochures to save paper and printing.
    • With our guests we carry out tree planting and beach cleanup activities in the Orotava Valley
    • For many years we have lobbied local and regional government on environmental matters which relate to Tenerife.
  • a digital plant guide available

  • ...and more palm trees than beds!

The hotel Tigaiga, like all EMAS organizations, publishes yearly an environmental statement for the interested public. It describes our company with our activities, our products and services. Also included is our environmental policy, data on environmental performance (the so-called core indicators, i.e. energy efficiency, waste and emisssions), significant environmental impacts and the environmental programme with the specific goals for improvement.

The Tigaiga has won the TUI Environmental Champion prize 20 times in a row and is a respected partner for nature and environmental protection issues throughout the island.

To obtain any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.