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Enrique Talg Schulz (1894 - 1962) was a pioneer in the touristic developement in Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz. He was manager at the disapeared hotel Taoro and Hotel Martianez. In 1959 he built Hotel Tigaiga.

Enrique Talg Wyss (1924- 2006) founded with his father, managed and owned the Hotel Tigaiga. He married 1964 the Children doctor and botanist fan Dr. Gisela Reineke. He was awarded several prizes as for example the " 2007 Turismo de Tenerife" prize, for his outstanding engagement and leadership of the Hotel Tigaiga and concering the enviromental awareness of Tenerife.

Green giants HOTEL TIGAIGA – THE NEW GENERATION OF THEIR EXTENDED FAMILY OF STAFF AND CLIENTS PART II (Continued from edition 585, Hotel Tigaiga – the early years by Sheila Collis

Enrique Talg Wyss, the second in the family hotel dynasty who made the Hotel his life’s work, sadly passed away on world tourism day, September 27th 2006 almost three years after handing over ownership and management of the hotel to his three children, Ursula, Irene and Enrique Talg Reineke.

All three children chose to become professionals in the hotel trade, each specialising in a different area and all speak fluent English and German as well as Spanish. There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that they have all inherited their parents’ remarkable qualities.

Úrsula studied in the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne followed by further training and jobs in Constance, Weggis, Twannn, Klosters, Hamburg and Washington before gaining an international scholarship at Cornell University in 1993. ) The family-run Hotel Tigaiga celebrates 50 years since its inauguration this year, but nobody quite knows when, so the celebrations will continue throughout 2009. In the same year she was named Young Hotelier of the Year by the IHA and Hotels Magazine. She began working in the family business in 1990. Now a full time mum to two daughters she works part time at the hotel, continuing the assignment handed to her by her mother of supervising the gardens, not a small task, apart from the hundreds of exotic specimens, all neatly labelled for the visitors’ enjoyment, there are more palm trees than hotel beds. She also supervises the entertainment, but her principal task is customer services. In addition she teaches at the Tourism School in Puerto de la Cruz. Ursula was one of a group of hotel pioneers who began to draw up criteria for quality standards in the hotels in Tenerife. The idea was later adopted all over Spain and the Tigaiga was one of the first hotels to hold the ‘Q’ for quality label. Ursula serves as president of the Tenerife Tourism Excellence association to encourage quality hotels and service in the island.

Irene attended the Steingenberger professional hotel training school at Bad Reichenhall, followed by a business management qualification undertaken in Münster and Madrid, and then practical training in Germany, Brussels, Prague and Madrid. She returned to the Hotel Tigaiga in 1993. It was whilst studying in Germany that, “the penny suddenly dropped”. It was when that country’s Green Party was beginning to make itself felt in Parliament. She realised how recycling, waste control and energy efficient methods could be brought into the hotel trade and specifically into the family business. The Tigaiga became one of the first hotels to fulfill the European norm for ecological practices and be awarded the EMAS certificate in 2002 and Irene has been invited to present her model to EU experts. The hotel has also been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality certificate. As a co-director, Irene’s specialist areas are in quality and ecological management as well as finance, floor service, reception and for the personal well-being of the guests. She is a founder member of the environment commission of the Tenerife Hotelier’s association, ASHOTEL.

The youngest of the siblings, Enrique, is also its, “public face” but he insists that he and the rest of his family are only cogs in the wheel and that they all work together with the rest of the “team” (which is how he refers to their 45 employees) to make the hotel the extremely welcoming and comfortable paradise that their many repeat visitors appreciate so much.

He graduated with Abitur from St Blasien College in the Black Forest, serving his apprenticeship as a hotel keeper in Cologne. He passed the cuisine course in Dortmund, gathering experience in Cologne, Murcia and Bem before returning to the island and the Tigaiga in 1996. He is head of safety and in charge of restaurants, kitchens and maintenance services. He is also in charge of the guests’ well-being. He was awarded the Tourist Initiative Centre’s young businessman of the year prize in 1999, sits on the committee of ASHOTEL and has also served on the management committee of the Tenerife Association of young business persons since 2005. The hotel’s consistency of service, ecological responsibility and quality has not gone unnoticed in the trade. Every year since 1995 the tourism giant TUI has awarded the top 100 hotels in the world with a Holly prize. The Tigaiga is one of only two hotels in the world, the only one in Spain which has won an award every year since its inception – 14 in all, so far. Over half a million holidaymakers join experts in selecting the winners. It is not surprising they are such consistent winners, the home from home atmosphere that encourages so many of their guests to return time after time and means that some of their staff have been with them for over 50 years, the welcome and care is obvious from the moment you cross the doorstep. The family had considered editing a special book to commemorate this special birthday, however the perennial problems of who to invite to contribute and who not so as not to offend anyone has made this difficult.

Also, how to ensure no-one is left out and how to make sure all the contributions were back in on time are difficulties recognised by all editors everywhere. So they decided once again to be groundbreakers and started a blog for all old friends, current and exmembers of the team, clients and anyone else who has something they’d like to say. You can find it on http://en.tigaiga50.com.

After the death of their father, there was a plethora of honours, plaques, busts and events organised, which the family are only just beginning to assimilate. An annual award for tourism has been instigated by the Tenerife hoteliers’ association and the Ministries for tourism and the environment which bears his name and a group of organisations are even now working to make one of Enrique Talg Wyss’ dreams come true, a coastal walk to join San Juan de la Rambla with Santa Úrsula, passing through Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava. Despite the crisis, the hotel will maintain its policy of continual renovation and improvement, although perhaps on a smaller scale than they would like. Enrique tells us they have lots of ideas and a, “cupboard full of plans,” but will have to bend with the wind for a short time before more ambitious changes are introduced. However they are confident that they will come through stronger than ever. With its stunning tranquil location and impeccable service, the Hotel Tigaiga just begs to be visited. There is always something to see or do and in particular this year, excursions, walks, a painting competition, exhibitions of old photographs, the annual vintage car rally and road trip, an open day for neighbours in Taoro Park and Tigaiga and two special folklore concerts with dancing. Non-residents are always welcome for a visit, to organise a special event, communion, wedding or simply for a Canarian/International cuisine lunch or dinner. You can be sure of a very warm reception.