Environmental Awareness

The Tigaiga has already won the TUI Environmental Champion prize 18 times in a row and is a respected partner for nature and environmental protection issues throughout the island.

Some Environmentally-Friendly Features

  • Connected to the local purification plant
  • Use of solar energy
  • Handtowels changed upon request
  • Water- and energy-saving measures
  • Waste disposal concept which separates out the recyclable materials
  • No usage of disposal packaging, use of reusable bottles
  • Use of biologically-degradable cleaning agents
  • Digital plant guide garden.tigaiga.com available
  • ...and more palm trees than beds!

The hotel Tigaiga, like all EMAS organizations, publishes yearly an environmental statement for the interested public.

In it, our company is described with our activities, our products and services. Also included is our environmental policy, data on environmental performance (the so-called core indicators, i.e. energy efficiency, waste and emisssions), significant environmental impacts and the environmental programme with the specific goals for improvement. To obtain the Tigaiga Enviromental Statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.